Provide full range of financial services to the economically active poor to build better lives.

  • Provide full range of financial services required by the customers
  • Build an institution which is best in class in all aspects: customer service, innovation, efficiency, work place engagement, leadership, governance and reputation
  • Operate a viable business to provide satisfactory returns for investors
  • Provide professionally rewarding careers to employees and, attract and retain quality talent

Value & Culture 
The organisation will function by the below values and emphasize on inculcating them among its stakeholders: 

  • Customer's choice institution
  • Integrity in all dealings
  • Provide Responsible Finance
  • Fair with suppliers & service partner
  • Compliance of laws, regulations & code of conduct
  • Best Place to Work
  • Professional & Teamwork
  • Provide satisfactory return to investors
  • Respected in the community