Our objects are


To encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, savings habits and to Render all financial assistance to its members only by receiving long and short term Deposits and in particular recurring deposit, fixed deposit and other deposits, not Being current accounts from the members as are allowed by law for Mutual Benefit. To lend, grant loans to the shareholders or members only as against securities of Immovable properties, and/ or on the security of deposits, movables such as Gold, \Silver, Jewellery, KisanVikasPatra, National saving Certificates Scheme, Insurance Policies and other government securities up on such terms and conditions as may From time to time prescribed in law for Mutual Benefit Companies.

Company Information

The Company, right from the beginning has been following the principles of Trust and Guarantee of fairness and balance which remain the cause of our goodwill. In the current era of high speed banking and marketing and in the changing phenomena of banking pluralism,Unity Mutual Nidhi India Ltd. has been treading its way with an inevitable pace. ,Unity Mutual Nidhi India Ltd. serves each class of the society and has been totally free from the unethical rivalries. We are being governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The heritage of our company speaks itself for its strength, financial conduct and discipline among the people. Our Company has truly bridged the chasm between promise and performance. We accept deposits from our Members/shareholders within the stipulated norms issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The funds mobilized are utilized to a great extent for advancing of Gold Loans, Property Loans, & invest in Education Sector, Health Sector & in Real Estates. Thus, the funds are fully secured and therefore the investments with us are in very safer havens. There has never been any instance of delay/non repayment of deposits, claimed on maturity dates. We believe that the success of business comes from each individual s creativity and team work. We at Sagarlife Nidhi India Ltd., stimulate the mutual growth of our members through Trust and Responsibility and in this process Sagarlife Nidhi India Ltd. strives to contribute to the development of the society overall.